Laser Lipolisis

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Laser Lipolysis

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Even with the most comprehensive of diet plans and exercise routines, many of us still have the stubborn areas of fat that we just cannot get rid of. It maybe around the tummy, on the thighs, after pregnancy or, for the male, unsightly ‘man boobs’.
Whilst Liposuction maybe an answer for the larger areas than need to be treated; if you want to avoid the general anaesthesia, lengthy recover periods and excessive bruising, then laser lipolysis might well be the option of choice. Laser lipolysis is generally very well tolerated, with little bruising or side effects and very effective.
Laser assisted Lipolysis is a minor body contouring procedure, which uses a fine cannula to deliver a safe, powerful laser to disrupt the fat cells causing them to melt and break down. Laser assisted Lipolysis does not involve any major procedure or general anaesthetic and tends not to give the bruising and extended recovery periods often associated with traditional liposuction. The risk of skin sagging is reduced, as the heat from the laser tightens the underlying layers of skin leaving a smooth and sculptured finish. Treatment times vary but typically take about two - four hours and patients can return to their normal routine within a couple of days.

The procedure is actually very straightforward. Firstly, you'll be given a local anaesthetic in the area you're having treated. This will numb the area, but you will remain awake and aware of what is happening. A surgeon will make a very small incision so that the laser can be inserted, and then it's a case of just lying back and relaxing for around one to two hours while the laser does its job. The exact amount of time it takes will largely depend upon the size of the area being treated. For example, treating the chin area may be much quicker than treating the stomach.
You shouldn't feel anything during the procedure, although some patients do report feeling warm. This is natural, as the heat of the laser needs to be around 48 to 50 degrees Celsius to melt the fat cells. If you've chosen to let the fat be burned by the body, the laser will be removed and you'll be allowed to go home. There's no stitching required, the wound will simply heal itself. If you've opted to have the fat removed, another tube will be inserted into the body to suck the fat out. Depending on the size of this tube, you may require a stitch or two just to ensure the wound heals properly.

Ideal candidates are those with stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Laser lipo is not a treatment for obesity – it is designed for the reduction of localised areas of fat and skin tightening in people who are a normal body weight.
It is important to discuss the results that you desire with a practitioner before treatment, as it may be that a more invasive procedure is necessary to transform your body shape. Laser lipolysis is only recommended for the removal of up to 500mls of fat, so you may need liposuction to remove larger quantities of fat.

A local anaesthesic will be used in the treatment area, then a small incision will be made in the skin. A very thin cannula (1mm wide hollow metal tube) is inserted into the skin and a laser probe is threaded through to pulse laser light into the fatty tissue to ‘melt’ the fat cells. These melted fat cells are then naturally eliminated by the body. Increasingly, practitioners are also offering suction of the released fat after the laser lipolysis procedure to speed up and enhance the results. The procedure takes between 1-2 hours.
 You may be required to rest for an hour or so following treatment, but normal activities can usually be resumed the following day. It is best to avoid vigorous physical activity for 1-2 weeks after this procedure.
You should notice some weight loss and tighter skin immediately following treatment, but the final results are seen gradually over a number of weeks as your body continues to process and naturally remove the melted fat.
Due to the local anaesthetic, the treatment should not be painful. You may experience minor swelling, bruising or tenderness for a few days following treatment.

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