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Get Chelation Heart-Saving Benefits

Return to Health With Chelation

Today, chelation is still not endorsed by the American Heart Association for
treatment of angina or blood vessel obstruction. But many progressive physicians
offer chelation treatments to their patients and have experienced enormous success.
Here are some of the things my own patients have noticed after a series of chelation

• Lower cholesterol levels
• Diabetics use less insulin
• Lower blood pressure
• Normalization of irregular heartbeats
• Leg cramps vanish
• Allergies disappear
• Memory and concentration are restored
• Hearing has improved and the senses of taste and smell return
• Arthritic aches and pains are reduced
• Hands and feet are no longer cold
• Impotence is reversed (with no need for Viagra)
• Energy is revived
• Hair loss slows - and in some cases reverses!

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